Outbound Training

In today's corporate world, the need of the hour is smart thinking, swift action and effective people skill . These qualities are more effectively developed in an experiential setting than through classroom training.

These programmes are usually conducted in wilderness sites far removed from human civilization. In an informal environment, people are found to become more introspective and uninhibited, leading to a complete and effective learning process. In an outdoor situation, team members tend to bond together better than in a formal or an office atmosphere .

Additionally, in unfamiliar environments and unpredictable situations, stretched beyond their normal comfort zones, people tend to lose their inhibitions, shed their masks and become more receptive to learning. In the environment thus created, it becomes possible for a sensitive and experienced facilitator to identify strengths and trouble areas, and suggest new coping behaviour. It has been repeatedly proven that the participants in a well-designed outbound programme always find the experience memorable, and the benefits significant and long-lasting.